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Driveway Alarm, Wireless Solar Powered Driveway Alarm System, Outdoor Weatherproof Wireless Motion Sensor & Detector, Expandable House Security Alert System for Home & Property

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Product Description

The transmission range of WEILAILIFE outdoor solar driveway alarm system can reach up to 800ft in open air, the detection range is within 30ft. Thus the motion alarm can be placed anywhere you like.

The built-in battery will be charged by the solar panel, which is long-lasting and environmental-friendly. Restarting the receivers or driveway sensors will not have your previous records lost.

The sensor with improved chip can reduce the false alarms from severe weathers. Fully enclosed weather-resistant design enables the wireless driveway alarms to work perfectly in rain/fog/snow/wind.

3 unique entry alert chimes and 5 volume levels (0 to 110dB) can meet your different needs. The LED light indicator flashes to perform a visual alert, offering 24/7 safety for you.

The motion detector alarm is portable and the set up is within minutes. Your outdoor sound system can be expanded up to 4 sensors. Come and get your personal guard!


  • We're improving our security alarm system products to guard your safety. Our products and support will bring you a peace of mind, protect your loved ones and property. WEILAILIFE commits to offer more user-friendly and dependable products to you.
  • It is sensitive to detect motion from vehicles, humans, or large animals. The detection range is 90°vertically, 60° horizontally within 30 ft. The alarm system includes a motion sensor and a receiver, protecting your home and property.
  • The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with improved design and proper detection angle of the infrared detection chip to alert you to movement on your driveway/front porch/gate/shed/walkway/swimming pool in time.

You can select a specific tone for each sensor, allowing you to easily discern which sensor was triggered. Loud siren can scare off unwanted intruders. If you don't want to be disturbed, you can also choose Mute Mode for the receiver.

Just plug the motion sensor in a standard outlet, the receiver works on batteries (NOT included).

Q: People walked in front of the sensor, but the sensor did not alert.
A: The angle needs to be adjusted using the sensor’s ball-joint

Q: The battery life of the sensor is short, will power off soon
A: 1. Please fully charge the sensor before beginning installation.
2. If the sensor was placed in a busy area; too many movements might cause a fast running-out.

Q: The sensor can’t work
A: The sensor isn’t connecting with the inside battery Please check the battery connection. The battery of the sensor has ran down. Please recharge the sensor by using the included adapter.

PS. When installed indoor or dark areas, the sensor should be powered by the power adapter or by an extra solar panel.



Solar-Powered Energy-Efficient Battery

30-Feet Detection Range

This outdoor motion sensor is IP65 rated and has been tested and verified to meet high-quality standards.It functions well even in the harshest weather conditions.

A rechargeable battery with a solar panel ensures cheap power for this outdoor motion sensor, eliminating the need to change batteries.
Please ensure the sensor eye is not pointed into direct sunlight, as this may damage the motion sensor.

With a 30-foot detection range and a detection field of view of 90° vertically and 60° horizontally, you can adjust the sensor angle to monitor the desired areas and reduce unwanted alarms caused by movement or activities from neighboring areas.


Product Information

Product Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.74 x 4.13 inches

Item Weight:‎1.03 pounds

Package Includes

Solar Driveway Alarm x1

Customer Questions & Answers

Question:How many sensors can be connected to this receiver?
Answer:The receiver can connect up to 4 motion sensors, and the 4 motion sensors can be placed in different positions.

Question:Is the motion sensor waterproof?
Answer:Yes, the motion sensor is waterproof and can be left outdoors for a long time

Question:How many ringtones does the receiver have?
Answer:The receiver has 3 unique chimes allow you to change freely

Question:Is there a solar baytery with sensors
Answer:The solar panel absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy to power the sensor.

Question:The motion sensor is as good at night?
Answer:yes, the motion sensor works well at night

Question:Does the receiver make a sound when someone or animal passes by?
Answer:Yes, in addition to people and animals, the receiver will also make a sound when a vehicle passes by.

Question:Does the reciever have lights?
Answer:Yes, there are lights in the digital area of the receiver. They light up blue when something crosses it path.

Question:What is the longest distance between the motion sensor and the receiver?
Answer:The maximum wireless transmission distance between the receiver and the motion sensor is 800 feet.

Warranty & Customer Service

Phone: 689-290-3545 (Eastern time Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm)

US Location Service, Warranty for 1 Year from Date of Purchase, 30 Days Return Free.

Driveway Alarm, Wireless Solar Powered Driveway Alarm System, Outdoor Weatherproof Wireless Motion Sensor & Detector, Expandable House Security Alert System for Home & Property
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