Black Dual Antennas 3K 5.0MP Wireless Surveillance Camera Monitor NVR Kits, 4 Pcs Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras

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Product Description

2 Antenna Strong Wireless Signal

OOSSXX wireless Security Camera system

Wireless Security Camera

Wireless Security Camera

Real IP66 waterproof

Advanced AI Human Detected Technology

The camera update most advanced AI humanoid computing technology, which can effectively identify people, animals or other objects on the surveillance area. The human figure will be marked with a red frame, and the owner will be notified through the app or email.

NEW H.265+ Video Compression Technology

The NVR uses the latest 2022 H.265+ compression technology, the compression ratio is at least doubled compared to the H.264 compression technology, and the video clarity and audio are greatly improved, you can watch more details on the playback.

Real IP66 Waterproof/Dust proof

The camera is a durable metal camera that can work in harsh environmental conditions. Whether sunny or rainy, the waterproof camera can be placed both indoors and outdoors. So no matter what the weather is, the camera will work 24/7.

Package Includes

PIR Wireless Security Camera X 4

Antenna for Camera X 8

Wireless NVR  X 1

10FT Cable Power Supply for Camera X 4

3FT Cable Power Supply for NVR X 1

USB Mouse X 1

HDMI Cable X 1

Extend Antenna X 1

Network Cable X 1

Manual/Warning Sticker/Screw pack X Some

Customer Questions & Answers

Question:Why does this app need permission to rape my info ? It says up pro needs to access everything on my phone ?
Answer:I would have to say it need those permissions to send text, push notification, emails, etc. I have done alot of research and these cameras are not on the watch list. The app is not on the watch list as far as I have found. They encrypt all data dealing with audio n video feed which is a plus from 80% of other systems amazon sells.
Xmeye app is one of the worst to use. There is extensive reports of security problems with app and Chinese company who makes the cameras.
There has been NO reported problem with this system or setup as far as I can see.

Question:I do not have wifi. Can this camera still work without wifi?
Answer:Without WiFi you won’t be able to monitor the cameras remotely through a smart phone device. But you would be able to set up through a monitor/TV.

Question:Se puede usar sin conectar a una pantalla??

Question:what is the motion detection range?
Answer:60-75 ft distance it's very good detection. My compound is 75×100ft

Warranty & Customer Service

Phone: 689-290-3545 (Eastern time Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm)

US Location Service, Warranty for 1 Year from Date of Purchase, 30 Days Return Free.

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